Get to know: Community Outreach and Enrollment Specialist Brandi Cook

Fordland ClinicNews

Community Outreach and Enrollment Specialist Brandi Cook is a Fordland native seeking to support her community by educating individuals on the importance of healthcare.

Brandi, who serves as the public representative for Fordland Clinic, divides her time between engaging with the community and facilitating enrollment opportunities. In terms of community outreach, Brandi undertakes various tasks such as organizing, coordinating, and attending events aimed at educating people about the clinic’s services and programs. Additionally, she provides educational support to both the clinic’s patients and the community at large. In her capacity as a Licensed Navigator, certified by the state of Missouri, Brandi is equipped to assist people in exploring their health coverage options and providing personalized guidance throughout the application and eligibility process.

To stay informed about the ever-changing medical coverage landscape and new community resources, Brandi participates in community coalition meetings and navigator training sessions, and shares the information with the communities and clients of Fordland Clinic. If you have any questions or require assistance regarding Medicaid eligibility or enrollment in other medical insurance plans, please don’t hesitate to contact Brandi directly at [email protected]