Meet Shelby Miller, Fordland Clinic’s Program Manager

Fordland ClinicNews

Shelby Miller, Fordland Clinic’s new Program Manager, brings 17 years of experience in the medical field to her role. With a degree in Healthcare Administration and a passion for community- and person-centered care, she possesses the knowledge and heart to make a significant impact in the lives of Fordland clients.

Miller’s family recently moved to Missouri from Oklahoma. There, she worked with tribal care providers to help improve health outcomes for Native Americans. Miller said Fordland compares well with her experiences in Oklahoma, because of the focus on community and the people the Fordland team serves.

“It truly feels like the patients and their care are top priority and the patients are seen as people and not as their health problems,” she said.

Working with Fordland’s health care providers, Miller provides resources and education that maximize the care they provide to the community they serve.

“My goal and passion is to provide the community with educational resources for them to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness and help them to make better decisions that benefits them and their families,” Miller said.

Miller’s family moved to Missouri in 2023 so that her older daughter, 14, could pursue high school athletics and academics in a place that best suited her goals. As a result, they frequently travel on weekends to different states for her daughter’s competitions as part of a professional affiliate softball team. When she’s not at a softball game, Miller might be found kickboxing or in a self-defense class. Her younger daughter, age 7, sometimes joins in. These activities not only provide Shelby with personal fulfillment, but they also serve as an opportunity for her to give back to her community by offering guidance and support to young athletes. Along with her two daughters, Miller lives with her husband and their three dogs.

We are thrilled to welcome Shelby Miller to the Fordland Clinic team. You can reach our new Program Manager at [email protected].