12 Days of Christmas Holiday Health Tips

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A Partridge in a Pear Tree –A medium-sized pear supplies 212 milligrams of potassium that helps your heartbeat normally and keeps your muscles working the way they are supposed to.

Two Turtle Doves – Dove, a famous maker of chocolates, makes dark chocolate treats that are filled with something called epicatechin. Epicatechin is a particularly active member of a group of compounds called plant flavonoids. Flavonoids keep cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots, and slow down the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries.

Three French Hens – A hen, or as most of us refer to as chicken, is a great source of lean protein.

Four Calling Birds – Call the special people in your life, especially if you are prone to “getting the blues” during the holiday season. You can brighten your spirits by reaching out to family and friends.

Five Golden Rings – To avoid getting those dark rings under your eyes during the busy holiday season, remember to get enough sleep each night – eight hours is the right amount for most people. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more. Sleep plays an important role in your overall physical health.

Six Geese A Laying – Eggs get a bad rap sometimes. Really… eggs are pretty much the perfect food; they contain a little bit of almost every nutrient we need – vitamins A, B2, B5, B6, B12, D, E and K, as well as calcium, folate, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc.

Seven Swans a Swimming – The holidays can bring a lot of joy, but also a lot of stress. To keep your head from swimming with all the things you need to accomplish, remember to do these “seven” things you can control: 1) Take good care of yourself; 2) Don’t overcommit to activities; 3) Ask for help from friends and family; 4) Don’t expect everything you do to be “perfect”; 5) Acknowledge that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes; 6) Take time for yourself; 7) When the holidays are over, think about all of your accomplishments.

Eight Maids a Milking – Milk contains calcium, one of the most important minerals for the human body. Calcium helps your body with building strong bones and teeth; clotting blood; sending and receiving nerve signals; squeezing and relaxing muscles; releasing hormones and other chemicals; keeping a normal heartbeat.

Nine Ladies Dancing – Nine benefits of dancing: 1. Improves memory; 2. Improves flexibility; 3. Reduces stress; 4. Diminishes depression; 5. Helps your heart; 6. Attributes to weight loss; 7. Improves balance; 8. Increases energy; 9. Is a great way to make friends.

Ten Lords a Leaping – As the holidays come to an end, you may start thinking about “leaping” into the new year. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions with good intentions of sticking to them; but we often fail. If this happens to you, try following these suggestions: 1. Don’t make unrealistic goals; 2. Don’t set vague goals; 3. Don’t set too many goals.

Eleven Pipers Piping – Whether its pipers piping or Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, music benefits our physical and mental health.

Twelve Drummers Drumming – You might have over-indulged with food and drink at the party last night and now you feel as if there are drummers inside your head and in your stomach. If you follow these simple tips, you can avoid having to deal with a Ringo Starr rhapsody. 1) Never go really hungry to a party-type gathering; 2. Avoid rich, calorie-laden beverages; 3. Remember to hydrate.