Covid-19 Testing

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Antibodies (blood test):

  • Do not get tested for antibodies (the SARS-CoV-2 IgG test) until 4 full weeks AFTER you have had Covid or suspect that you have had Covid. It may take a full 4 weeks for this test to be accurate. This test is not used to diagnose a current infection with Covid.
  • A negative test is 100% accurate
  • A positive test is NOT 100% accurate for Covid-19 as this test will also be positive if you have had a past infection to another similar coronavirus. While this is not likely, it is possible.
  • A positive antibody test means you may have some protection against the strain of Covid-19 you contracted but may not offer protection against the other 5 strains of Covid or other coronaviruses.
  • Currently we know that antibodies to covid-19 will persist at least 4 months. At this time what will happen in the long term is unknown. It is expected that protection will lessen over time.

RT-PCR Molecular (nasal swab):

  • Do not get tested until AT LEAST 4 full days after exposure! Accuracy is MUCH better at 8 days!
  • This test is used to diagnose a current infection with Covid-19. This test is so accurate that you MAY continue to test positive for many weeks to months after you have had Covid-19. This is why you do NOT use a negative test to know when you are no longer infectious / and are able to return to work or school.
  • If you have symptoms AND THE SYMPTOMS ARE FROM COVID, this test is 100% accurate. Covid-19 can have many symptoms or no symptoms, the ONLY two symptoms that are highly accurate for Covid-19 is loss of taste or loss of smell.
  • If the test is positive, it is 100% accurate to tell you that you have Covid-19 OR that you have had a recent infection with Covid-19.  A negative test is NOT 100% accurate, it is about 80% accurate. Even a second negative test 4 days after the first is still not 100% accurate!

Antigen- Rapid Test (nasal or saliva): This test is not offered at Fordland Clinic. This test is much less accurate than the RT-PPR


  • Good hand washing or use of hand sanitizer is number one!!!!!!
  • If you are not wearing a mask, “if you cough, cough into cloth” (cough into your sleeve or shirt) is a close #2.
  • When wearing a mask, sanitize your hands before you put on, after you take off, AND ANY TIME YOU TOUCH YOUR MASK!
  • 6-foot social distancing outdoors, more is BETTER when indoors.

To lower risk:

  • Vitamin D: 5,000 units a day is safe for everyone
  • Zinc: A multi-vitamin with minerals (zinc) is recommended rather than a zinc supplement, because you can take too much zinc.
  • Vitamin C: 500 to 1000 mg twice a day

If you have Questions, please call: 417-767-2273 Press 9 for Covid, Monday – Friday 8am to 4 pm