Honoring our Healthcare Heroes with a Drop of Joy

Fordland ClinicNews

Drop of Joy stoneHealthcare workers are on the frontlines of battling the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that’s spreading rapidly throughout our city, state and nation. The doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, technicians, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists and all the administrative support staff, everyone who supports patient care are rising to the occasion and caring for our most vulnerable populations. We want to recognize the entire healthcare community who are sacrificing so much to save so many. Their dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.

At Fordland Clinic, we are so proud and extremely grateful for our providers and all of our employees during this time of crisis. We know that our team makes up just a fraction of the healthcare workers around the world that are helping battle this worldwide pandemic. Thank you to our providers for showing up every day in these incredible times, performing your work with excellence, and for supporting not only our patients but each other. We give thanks today, tomorrow and every single day until we get through this stressful time. A small reminder for each of us to be silly, be honest and be kind to one another every day!