Integrated Behavioral Health

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picture of Terri Griffith

Terri Griffith is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and is leading our Integrated Behavioral Health program at Fordland. As part of team-based care, Terri serves as a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) and works with our providers to consider the physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects of each patient’s health concerns. Together with the patient, Terri can help determine a course of action for the best integrated health care plan. This plan can help patients develop skills to effectively manage difficulties in their daily lives.

Services are available to all patients at the clinic as a part of good overall health care. Patients can often see Terri on the same day as their appointment.

BHC role can offer help with:

Difficult Life Problems, Stress, Coping with Medical Problems, Diabetes, Changing Behavior Habits, Anxiety, Family Troubles, Anger, Child Behavior Problems, Eating, Weight, and Activity Change, Memory Problems, Sleep Problems, Bereavement, And Many more