MO Healthnet (Medicaid) Managed Care

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Mo HealthNet Managed Care Open Enrollment

Starting May 1, 2017 MO HealthNet (Medicaid) coverage will be offered through three different managed care plans:

  1. MissouriCare
  2. Home State Health
  3. United Healthcare

If you have certain types of MO HealthNet coverage, you need to choose one of these managed care plans by Monday, April 3, 2017 or a plan will be chosen for you. If you’re already in a managed care plan, you may choose to stay in it (except for Aetna Better Health, which is ending) or you may switch to another plan.

Do I need to enroll in a managed care plan by April 3?

Individuals with these types of coverage need to select a managed care plan:

  • MO HealthNet for Families, Kids, Pregnant Women and Newborns
  • Transitional MO HealthNet
  • Refugee MO HealthNet
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

 EXCEPTIONS: Certain individuals are not eligible for managed care, including individuals enrolled in MO HealthNet for seniors or those who are blind or disabled. In addition, children with special health care needs or disabilities, living in foster care or out-of-home placement, or receiving foster care or adoption assistance may opt out of managed care.

Why should I compare plans?

All three plans will offer the same services, but they may use different doctors or hospitals to provide those services. If you already use certain doctors, clinics or hospitals, it’s important to see which of the three plans will cover their services. Fordland Clinic and Tri-Lakes Community Health Center are in network with all Managed Care Health plans.

What happens if I don’t enroll by April 3?

If you miss the April 3 deadline, you will automatically be enrolled in one of the three managed care plans. Coverage for all three plans will start on May 1,2017.

Can I change the plan I chose?

Yes. After you enroll you will have 90 days to switch to a different managed care plan for any reason. After 90 days, you can only switch under special circumstances, such as if your doctor is no longer covered by your current plan.

Where can I get help?

Call Becky Whiteford, Fordland Clinic and Tri-Lakes Community Health Center Enrollment Specialist, at 417-767-2276 ext. 2032, who can answer questions and help you compare managed care plans, in person, at no cost.